Softsite 4


  • All new product based on avionic real time messaging systems
  • Lite, Pro and Enterprise class versions.
  • Streams H.264, Mpeg4 and MJPEG simultaneously.
  • Client / Server design regulates client access and properties.
  • Audit reports user access and time on line, video targets visited, etc.
  • Utilizes no database for archive recordings
  • Advanced reporting monitors health, frame rates and other data.
  • 'Nodes' are aggregated from multiple NVRs into a single interface.
  • NVR nodes can be configured via the node manager interface.
  • Supports Lightweight clients as well as Viewstation class products.
  • Auto discovery of all IP devices and self-configuration capabilities.
  • Autonomous fail over on NVR failure / shutdown.
  • Unlimited disk storage capacity per camera feed.
  • ONVIF compliant.
Softsite 4 Lite Screenshot


Softsite 4 is the next generation of IP based NVR software management platforms. It is built to run on dedicated PCs recording any number of IP based video cameras. Its unique design allows for a client-server configuration for scalability as well as a standalone configuration for smaller environments. The core implements technology developed by JDS for commercial aircraft network systems; Events are communicated between modules in real-time, ensuring reliable streaming, total operator situational awareness, and complete fail over autonomy. Remote capabilities include management of all functions with immediate update. Systems remain running while configurations are modified. Database-less archive design leverages low cost storage devices

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Additional Information:

Softsite 4 is designed to be extensible. We have DLLs, ActiveX controls, Java Script and custom tools to build beyond the standard offering. We are ready to implement your features that are most important to your specific application.

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