JDS TruTrack


  • Simple in design, accurate in function.
  • Designed to work with most any PTZ camera.
  • Tracks movement in a field of view and moves that movement to center.
  • Works without a point of reference camera.
  • Compatible with 360 view cameras; virtual-track inside a dewarped window.
  • Advanced algorithm ignores snow, trees and other unwanted movements.
  • User settings control the engine's system behavior.
  • Extremely accurate and capable even with low cost Cameras.
  • JDS developed analytic is lightweight and can be ported to the edge device.
  • Designed as a stand alone component. Compatible with competing VMS systems.
  • Options include the ability to 'scan' an area and track found activity.
  • Email alerting optional.
JDS TruTrack Panel




JDS TruTrack is an autonomous tracking system that turns most any IP or analog PTZ camera into an intelligent auto tracking system. Its primary function is to track movement in areas that have little or no movement in them such as parking lots, gymnasiums, pool areas, etc. KISS principal designed, JDS TruTrack works where other fail. Our sample video was made at low resolution and FPS to prove that image artifacts do not impede function. See it on an Axis 215 PTZ.

Additional Information:

JDS TruTrack can be integrated into a custom application or added to an existing product, including other NVMS systems. Contact us for more information