Court Room Recorder - CR2


  • Developed for Arraignment Court use.
  • High quality audio is recorded to disk, with synchronized notes.
  • Simple Recording interface - Train in minutes.
  • Local Recording to stand alone PC or Laptop
  • Runs on average commercially available PCs.
  • Case types, Offenses, etc are populated in pull down lists.
  • One Click Burn export
  • Notes can be modified with auto format options.
  • Transcription playback
  • Foot pedal interface
  • Log printing
  • Approved for use in production court room environments.
Court Room Recorder Main Screen


The Court Room Recorder standalone solution is an ideal way to make the move to a digital audio and video* recording system. With simple, analog-style recording controls, the CR2 graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to master. With CR2, operators can make synchronized text annotations live or post production, playback audio, capture video, and have recordings back up automatically. The CR2 solution is ideal for users making the move to a digital recording system from an analog system.

CR2 Setup Panel

Additional Information:

Court Room Recorder is a product than can be customized to fit specific needs or requirements. Application environments include – Courts, Offices, Hospitals, Universities, Meetings and more.

CR2 Transcription Panel