Enterprise 3

Included Components 


View, Record, Manage camera feeds.

Enterprise Grid View

Smart Scan

Intelligent search, locate movement in recorded archives.

Area Scan : Intellighnt Scan Software View



View, Print, Copy, Convert to AVI and JPEG frames.

Softview Video Player and Converter

Quick View

Instant archive retrieval of 'Now'. Find any video frame instantly.

QuickView: Instanat Archive Viewer

Softview DVE

Edit sequences together. Synchronized playback and Conversion to AVI.


Softview Dighiotal Video Editor Quad View

ViewStation - X

Monitor live video and review archives from any workstation with minimal training. JAVA version available..

ViewStation - X Active X Client Viewer

JPX Monitor

Archive activity watchdog with
email and console alerting.

JPX Monitor File Watchdog

Archive Manager

Purges old archives based on age and disk full status.

Archive Manager 3 : Pirges Aged Archives

Map Editor

Bind Maps to camera icon hotspots

Map Editor

JDS Joystick

Allows Smooth PTZ via a USB interface. Select Cameras with mouse or Joystick. Supports many popular Joystick controllers.

JDS Joystick Allpication for USB PTZ control of Cameras

Table Manager

Assigns user login profiles and
permissions. Build camera groupings.

Table Manager: Set user access rights for Viewstation

JDS MiniViewer

A Simple playback interface. Auto installs onto CDs/DVDs for portable playback with OCB Utility

Mniviewer 360 Degree Dewarp Viewer 5 Megapixel Image

One Click Burn (OCB)

A simple interface to Burn
Archives to Optical Disks. Requires no intermediate steps. Burns Miniviewer Install as an option.

One Click Burn Utilityfor CD/DVD Creation

Group Tour

Multiple group arrays of cameras can be toured on limited display real estate.

Group Tour. Camera Tour Application

IOU Image Output Utility

Allows one click archiving of every camera image in the system.

Image Output Utility. SNap an Image of every camera on the network and save