Enterprise 2020 

  • MJPEG/H264/H265 Support
  • Newly Rewritten Interface
  • Designed for Live monitoring as well as server recording..
  • Records 'Direct-to-Disk' (Patented) No storage database required.
  • Supports popular IP cameras and Video encoders.
  • Extensive fault tolerance. Failed connections reconnect automatically.
  • Video feeds can be engaged at any FPS up to 30 FPS per channel.
Enterprise 2 Grid View of multiple HD Cameras

Additional Information:

Enterprise 2 can manage IP video resolutions of any size. Multiple Multi-mega pixel cameras can be streamed at full frame rate from standard PCs. Advanced features such as QuickView allow for instantaneous, one click to the currently recorded frame of video. Also, a 24 hour overview of every camera's motion recording activity in a graphical representation allows an 'at a glance' view of all activity.

Enterprise Motion Setup