A revolution in IP based Video Management Systems...

Softsite 4 is an advanced surveillance system designed for ease of setup, configuration and reliable operation.

It is capable of streaming an unlimited number of cameras from multiple NVR systems across a common network; Autonomous failover, load balancing, disk cascading and other advanced functions are the basis for our new flagship offering

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list IP aware with SDK
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Command Center in action ...


JDS has been designing NVR security software management systems for over 13 years. Our state of the art systems can be found worldwide; From school halls to maximum security prisons. We have turnkey as well as custom, build to order components to meet any project need.

Beyond the NVR systems, we offer a wide array of custom solutions for many other purposes. We have extensive experience in developing utilities and solutions for several vertical markets. From virtual video walls to Interview Room Recorders, JDS has the background and experience to solve your toughest problems.

JDS has been developing custom applications for private, military and commercial customers for over 30 years. Our expertise extends beyond network video. Let us know if you have an application that needs to be created, modified, or 'tweaked'.

JDS has a long relationship with industry leading camera manufacturers including Axis, Sony, IQInvision(Iqeye), Basler and Sentry360.



Current News


New Product Development

JDS has developed an iPad application called JDS Mobile Viewstation. This product is differentiated from other 'camera apps' in that it has dual mode functionality; It can access thousands of cameras enabled by Softsite Enterprise NVMS with only a few seconds of configuration. It can also function in 'simple mode' where cameras are manually defined and displayed in a standard grid. Camera urls can be defined on the iPad or on a PC / Mac and then imported to the iPad. A video clip of a 2,500 camera install is available.

New Website Launch

JDS has a website dedicated to our Interview Room Recorder (IR2) application suite.

Click here to launch.

Software Updates

JDS releases a new software interface enabling IP telephony products from ShoreTel to interact and control video feeds from our NVMS offerings. The interface supports interfaces for other IP telephony systems.

Full Tilt Immersion

JDS now fully supports 360 degree immersive video from multiple vendors, multiple codecs.